A legendary epistolary and a must read for all closet revolutionaries,The League of the Star is intelligent, witty, and historically authentic. Cruse effortlessly weaves different tales of romance and tragedy to create an artful representation of the émigrés of the Ancien Regime and the children of the French Revolution. Beautifully written and reminiscent of 18th century authors, The League of the Star is as charismatic and fast paced as the time it was written in.
— NapoleonSplit Blog
A swashbuckling love story of innocents abroad written in prose so period perfect you’ll swear it’s a rediscovered classic.
— Elizabeth Bales Frank, Author of Cooder Cutlas, SoMuchSoManySoFew Blog


 N.R. Cruse

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It is the dawn of the French revolution when masses of hungry peasants burn the chateaux of aristocrats throughout France.  After the death of his estranged family, an 18 year-old nobleman, the Marquis Marcel de la Croix, is forced to raise the royalist banner, despite his own revolutionary leanings.  The wreck of his family fortress becomes a bastion for newly disenfranchised aristocrats, and Marcel and his fiery associate, Pierre Lafont, lead a rebel group called the League of the Star.

After a bitter falling out with Lafont, Marcel escapes to England incognito, hoping to put the past behind him.  In England he encounters several French emigres: the large, brutish former soldier, M. Tolouse, the haughty Mlle. de Courteline, and the sheltered Mlle. Vallon.  As these traveling exiles are forced together, a young boy in their company begins to intrigue them with a mysterious tale of love.  Can a simple love story, begun merely to entertain the weary travellers, hold the key to Marcel’s fate?

N. R. Cruse surrounds herself with good literature and roaring fire, shunning general society. Her writing, working and dreaming are done in a cozy little house somewhere in the wilds of Alberta. She comes by her love of the written word honestly, as she is the great (x8) granddaughter of Daniel Defoe.