Something Unremembered Cover

Something Unremembered

a novel by Della Dennis

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One would hardly think an outlying college town on the prairies would be the place a woman from the 15th century would choose to reveal her story, but when Janine begins to discover the story of Madeleine of Beauvais interpolated in the pages of her beloved books about the history of art and culture, an enigmatic presence begins to form. Mystified by references to Madeleine which seem to appear in her books only to disappear again, and unhappy with her own restless ever-aftering, Janine becomes preoccupied with uncovering the secrets of Madeleine's life. 

Della Dennis is a music educator and historian. As a missionary kid in Africa, she grew up in the shadow of a protestant ethic where fiction ranked among the lower orders of creation. As an adult she returned to her birthplace and settled in Edmonton. When her children were safely grown and on their own, she fell from grace and began to write. If what they say is true, that a child equals two books, Something Unremembered is her ninth. At present, she is working with friends to build Edmonton's first co-housing community in Old Strathcona.

Encountering Riel Cover

Encountering Riel

a novel by David D. Orr

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Willie Lorimer is a young poetry student who forgot to resign his commission in the Canadian militia. When he is called up to join the fight against the Métis rebel leader, Louis Riel, Willie is scared, but bolstered by his own naïveté. The journey to the heart of the rebellion is long and full of anguish. When the militia reach the West, things go tragically wrong, and their once-heroic cause is marred by the cynical realities of politics, and the harsh realities of war.

David D. Orr was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1946. He worked in that province as a store clerk, park custodian, library assistant, high school teacher, lawyer, and Provincial Court judge. He now lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta with his wife Lynn, and a Persian cat named Katie. This is his first novel. 

Evelina Cover


a novel by Frances Burney

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The first novel by the prolific 18th century writer, Evelina is a lighthearted epistolary novel chronicling a young lady's rise in Regency England society. Evelina, having been raised in the country and sheltered from the evils of London, is suddenly thrust into the height of upper class society and introduced to her ridiculous and self-important grandmother. What follows is an entertaining tale of love, friendship, and growing up, told with the wit and charm that inspired, and was admired by, Jane Austen.

Daughter of famed Music Historian, Charles Burney, Frances Burney became a literary sensation soon after she released her first book, Evelina, in 1778. Although Evelina was first published anonymously, Miss Burney’s identity as the author was soon discovered, coming as a surprise even to her father. She became second keeper of the robes for Queen Charlotte starting in 1786, and then in 1793, met and married the French émigré, General D’Arblay. Frances chronicled her long life in her Journals and Letters, which have been preserved and reprinted various times (recently, by McGill-Queen’s University Press). Frances Burney’s novels were known and admired by Jane Austen, Napoleon and Edmund Burke alike. Frances Burney was born in Norfolk, England, in 1752 and died in London in 1840.