Douglas Morrison will never be hired by Ukraine’s tourism authority, but his edge-of-your-seat race through the back roads and small villages in Course Correction offers a loving eye on the scenery, even viewed at a blurred pace. This thriller offers travelling Canadians valuable lessons in what to do if we get caught up in the machinations of organized crime, which can happen when, as polite Canadians, we try to start a conversation with the wrong person in the very worst of times.
— Janice MacDonald, the Randy Craig Mysteries



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After his plane to Greece is hijacked, Canadian Michael Barrett finds himself in Ukraine on the run from the Mafia, in the company of his mysterious Ukrainian seat-mate, Dmitri. As Michael and Dmitri try to stay ahead of the pursuing Mafia, Michael struggles to figure out who to trust. In a country where bribery is rampant, and authorities are suspect, his only resource is the morose Dmitri, who is hiding his share of secrets. As the two fugitives race through the Ukrainian countryside in a desperate attempt to reach the border, catastrophe strikes, testing the tentative bond between them, and jeopardizing their hope of survival. 

Doug Morrison has made many trips to Ukraine, doing volunteer work with children and young adults. This book grew out of his love for the country and its people. He is a voracious reader but when the weather is good he can often be found cruising in his vintage muscle car. He lives with his family in central Alberta. This is his first book.